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Do you know the olive oil cure?

( Excerpt from "Vegetable Oils for Your Health" by Dangles).

"The olive oil cure brings so many benefits

that I can not resist the urge to tell you the story of Marthe ... Marthe, who had been operated on for the gall bladder, took after her operation, every morning on an empty stomach,

a teaspoon of olive oil, which allowed her to eat what she wanted until the end of her days,

without restrictions of any kind which normally

should have been imposed on him, as on any person in his case. She also had beautiful skin, very supple and very little wrinkled which made her look much younger than her age even at 89 years old. The benefits of such a cure were felt throughout his body. Marthe was my maternal grandmother... 

"Take every morning on an empty stomach for a month,

a teaspoon of the most natural olive oil and

as pure as possible and preferably organic.

You can repeat this cure several times a year without any problem."

Special Offer Alicament & Gastronomy:

Extra virgin olive oil

AOC Provence, Organic & HVE Fruity Green

Alicament Acidity 0 .28 % Oleic Acid

Antioxidants Polyphenols >>> Peroxide Index 12.1 meq / kg

Wine analysis of the blend below :

4558b.pdf (PDF — 354 KB)

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